BGC English Kindergarten Program

  • The BGC English Kindergarten Program, for children aged 3-7, has now been successfully operating for a number of years. It uses a modern teaching method to make language acquisition natural, playful and yet still exceptionally efficient.

    In our bilingual kindergarten groups, the mornings consist of children performing everyday activities and guided sessions in both English and Hungarian.

    The “one person – one language” educational model, used in the BGC English Kindergarten Program provides an opportunity for kindergarten sessions and daily activities to be conducted in two languages. The program is also based entirely on the Hungarian National Curriculum for Kindergarten Education.

    Between the hours of 08:00-13:00, there is a native English lecturer in each bilingual kindergarten group. They communicate and interact with the children every day, in the presence and under the professional guidance of Hungarian kindergarten teachers.

    The morning duties and responsibilities of the English lecturer are:

    1. TAKES PART IN THE CHILDREN’S games during free play, exploiting the potential of individual and small group language development.
    2. PARTICIPATES IN ROUTINE ACTIVITIES (meals, cleaning, dressing), which creates an opportunity to integrate words and expressions related to daily life.
    3. DELIVERS THEMATIC KNOWLEDGE TOGETHER WITH THE HUNGARIAN TEACHER. The methods of teaching and the choice of topic is primarily the Hungarian colleagues’ responsibility. However, the collaborative implementation of these themes is only possible due to the combined efforts of both teachers.

    Morning Agenda of the BGC English Kindergarten Groups:


    • Arrival, breakfast and free play
    • Circle time, snack
    • Outdoor play activities
    • Lunch and bedtime story

    Purpose of the program:

    The BGC English Kindergarten Program aims to realize subconscious, playful, unbounded language learning.