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    The BGC Foundation for Bilingual Education is a non-profit public benefit organization whose primary objective is to support the development and material needs of the BGC English Program.

    The BGC English Program provides a unique, innovative English language program for 3-14 year olds. The program facilitates language acquisition via activity-centered and experience-based education. Thanks to its excellence, the European Commission awarded the program the European Language Award 2014.

    The BGC English Kindergarten Program and the BGC English School Program are gaining recognition every year from parents and professionals. Currently, 625 children participate in the program, in five institutions, and there is a continuing need for further expansion.

    The main activities of the BGC Foundation are:
    • To provide materials and equipment for a range of activity-oriented programs.
    • To facilitate the development of digital teaching resources.
    • To help educators to continue their further education at home and abroad.
    • To help build foreign exchange relationships.
    • To contribute to the infrastructural development of institutions.
    • To participate in the organization of educational competitions, quizzes and championships in order to expand and improve students’ knowledge. The foundation also contributes towards the awards of these events.

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BGC English Kindergarten Program
The students who take part in the BGC English Kindergarten Program get to know the English language as part of their lifestyle, in a way similar to learning their own native tongue.
  • 3+1 years structured program
  • Native English speaking lecturers
  • 5 hours a day in an English environment
  • Playful and effective language acquisition
  • Fun-oriented
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