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    Come and learn about this exciting language acquisition setting!
  • 5 hours of English a day

    In a native environment

    • Versatile guided activities

      Based upon the Hungarian National Kindergarten Curriculum.

    • Free play, sport

      In the classroom and outside.

    • Daily care

      Feeding, dressing, bedtime.

    • Excursions

      Field trips tailored to each age group.

  • Our native English lecturers play an active role in the children’s lives between 08:00-13:00 every day.

    • During free play, lecturers engage the students in small group activities
    • Throughout the guided sessions, the lecturers address each topic in English
    • In garden time, the lecturers are involved in the outdoor activities
    • The lecturers help to serve lunch and tell an English bed-time story before saying good-bye

    Morning excursions from the kindergarten are accompanied by the native English lecturers.

    • The versatile range of activities (swimming, library visits, field trips) provide an excellent opportunity for acquiring new English vocabulary
    • These excursions allow the students to gain the most from experience-based language acquisition

    BGC Back to School Picnic – a large-scale event for all children and families participating in the program.

    • Open craft afternoons – Halloween and Easter themed creative craft projects with the parents
    • End of the Year Show – a bilingual performance

    • English lecturers

      From various Anglo-Saxon cultures.

    • students

      Partake in the BGC English Kindergarten Program.

    • hours a week

      In a native English environment.

    • %

      Because laughter is the focus.

  • Our kindergartens

    • Gyermekkert Kindergarten
      • Address
        1134 Budapest, Tüzér utca 62.
      • Phone
        (1) 340-3179
    • Meséskert Kindergarten
      • Address
        1134 Budapest, Kassák Lajos utca 17.
      • Phone
        (1) 349-6775
    • Pitypang Kindergarten
      • Address
        1139 Budapest, Országbíró utca 10.
      • Phone
        (1) 330-0667
  • Improvements of the BGC English Kindergarten Program compared to typical English kindergartens:

    The children play in a native English environment and due to the “one person – one language” model, they acquire the English language without conscious effort.

    Kindergarten education in state institutions is free, therefore parents only need to cover the cost of the language program.

    • 4 yearlong bilingual kindergarten program from small group to large group
    • The program continues all the way up to 8th grade
    • Becoming familiar with Anglo-Saxon cultures
    • Activity oriented language acquisition
    • Guaranteed smiles, happiness and a relaxed atmosphere
    • Child-centered
    • Long term
    • Successful
    • Good value for money
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